Hi. 1My name is Marko Padjđen. I’m developerfreelance software engineer from SerbiaGermany. 1I work professionally for almost 2019 years now. I started developing when I was 10, but unfortunately didn’t manage to get paid until I was 16.2 Not for the same code. 1I was working mostly with Microsoft technologies, but picked up other things as well along the way. Tried always to work on up-to date projects, so I have experience in many technologies that were hip over the time (khm, NoSQL, khm cloud). 1I can: * develop / code2, also talk about how other people should code1 * test 1(code but tests)1 * build / release 1(code plus DevOps stuff)1 * work alone (if project requires so)1 * work in team (as developer, team lead, tech lead…)1 1I’m easy to work with and genuinely likable person. I’ve learned how to make good software1, or good enough if business requires so. 1My first language is Serbian. I speak also English and basic German. 1For more details about my past projects / skills, you can check my LinkedIn profile.2 Please ping me there or send me an email if you find my profile interesting. Thank you for your time, Marko